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Why KFintech?

Industry-Leading Software and Solutions

KFin Technologies (KFintech) is an industry leader in developing innovative software solutions for managing mutual fund operations. With three decades of industry experience in Southeast Asia, our experience and expertise across multiple markets in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and more makes KFintech the preferred partner for asset managers in Southeast Asia.

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Strong Market Presence

Over the past three decades, KFintech has expanded its footprint in Southeast Asia offering customized solutions suiting different phase needs of asset managers. KFintech is serving 23 Asset Management Companies (AMCs) managing over $8 billion in assets across all clients. In Malaysia, KFintech services 18 AMCs, maintaining 1.2 million accounts.

Industry-First Features

As the preferred solutions provider for investment managers and intermediaries, KFintech help clients increase their market share by providing an agile platform for product innovation, the widest geographical reach and technology-enabled omnichannel investor services. The features we build give our clients a distinct advantage, enabling significant growth rates that result in increased market share.

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The Start-Up Specialist

KFintech's unique software & solutions facilitate incubation management for Asset Management Companies, from concept to operationalization, growth, and stability. We empower new asset managers with ecosystem interactions, infrastructure setup, regulatory compliance, and personnel management for a rapid go-to-market strategy, positioning them as formidable players in the industry. Our solution facilitates the fastest go-to-market for new asset managers.


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Mutual Fund Solutions for AMCs
Mutual Fund Services for Distributors
Fund Accounting Services
Investor Solutions
Alternative Investment Fund
Private Wealth Management
Private Retirement Scheme

Names that speak for us

With a vast global client base, KFin excels in delivering exceptional client value. For over three decades, asset managers and corporates across Southeast Asia and beyond have relied on our extensive array of services, earning their continued trust and support.

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