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KFintech’s transformation and evolution as a company with foundational tenets of trust, technology and thought leadership are embedded in everything we do. The triskelion motif represents a trifecta of these tenets culminating in transformation representing rotational symmetry, denoted by three interlocking spirals.

Taking a Look Inside
The KFintech Story

For eons, civilizations have existed, conquered, perished, and sustained but one thing that has remained and will remain is stories. Stories are the social construct that binds us humans together. In a way, stories are the reason why information has been preserved for centuries, being passed on to each other in one form or another.

But are stories alone enough? No, stories are coupled with evolution; the need to grow into something better, something more meaningful, something that builds not a business but a legacy. And that is our mission – to establish a legacy on the tenets of our corporate ethos.

Understanding the Core
Why and What of KFintech

The world has embraced digital. And it is obvious that transformational technologies curated with trust and thought leadership are playing a pivotal role in redefining the new normal. KFintech’s redefined identity reflects purpose, strategic direction, and strong execution capabilities; principles that transform mission critical financial infrastructure solutions.

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Change is Inevitable
We Embrace Change and Choose Growth.

We have embraced change and are riding the winds of growth. That is why our new logo symbolizes perpetual transformation and the infinite loop of evolution. An everlasting process that keeps our stakeholders at the primary and function towards the most important goal of them all – customer centric business.

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Our People, Our Brand

KFintech as a brand has affinity and resonance to transform and meet the growing expectations of the consumers. The new brand identity and the ‘triskelion’ in the logo embody the corporate ethos of KFintech.

While retaining the legacy of our brand name, the new look and feel of the brand are designed to internalize the core tenets and to convey to the world our coming-of-age transformation to be a critical pillar in the asset management industry.

You all loved our new brand identity, and we wanted to give back this love by bringing you a step closer to our exclusive merchandise through our official KFintech Klub Store.

The Klub Store has a variety of products to choose from, and they all come with our customized branding.

With new products every week, all delivered right to your doorstep, the Klub Store is your one-stop shop KFintech merchandise!

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