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An End-To-End Investment Management Product Designed To Double Operational Efficiency And Provide High Quality User Experience.

Say Hello to automation

For Valuations & Income Recognition

With mPower, valuations and income recognition are completely automated based on market practice, chosen policies and IFRS, with regional variants fully supported. Apart from operational reports, statutory reporting for selected countries is also pre-packaged. Furthermore, post trade Compliance Management is fully automated with the ability to inform appropriate responsibility points via alerts or email.

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mPower addresses a wide range of industry needs

Timely computation of hundreds of NAVs

Throughout the day NAV monitoring for only incremental review effort.

Accurate NAVs

NAV computation via both the independent Asset / Liability & the Income / Expense methods.

Reduce the time taken to verify reports

Reconciliation of values across related reports ensuring, automated tallying across reports

Empower users to calendarize report requests, notifications & reminders

Set up schedules for delivery of reports, request notification of event completion, etc.

Ability to quantify & assess vulnerability of the firm across all Compliance Management criteria

Inbuilt Compliance Management module supports all regulatory requirements.

Automatic Recalibration of base figures used in Compliance Management monitoring per changes in components

Set up schedules for delivery of reports, request notification oContinuous monitoring of sensitive market & internal information including market price, interest rates, etc. f event completion, etc.

Cash flow Projections & Balances Tracking

CMS functionality with financial data, enabling all necessary GL entries to be passed down to back office

Simple mechanism to ensure all activities scheduled for a day are completed

All activities are date driven & diarized, presented as to do lists to users.

Master Data Management

Captures only the minimum information as required to complete current functionality.

External Reporting Automated

System enhances STP by providing channels to take-in confirmed trade information from industry platforms.


Asset Class Coverage

Asset Class Coverage

Comprehensive coverage of asset classes spanning end-to-end lifecycle.

Business Coverage

Ability to manage mutual fund schemes as well as Mandates (Advisory or execution) sourced from any region

IFRS Compliance Management

Maintain existing GAAP as well as IFRS driven GL records so that transition period support.

Modular by Design


End to End (E2E)

End to End (E2E)

mPower is an end-to-end investment management product, comprehensively covering front to back-office requirements that are functionally segregated to obtain efficiencies and also to provide adequate checks and balances.


Front Office Services (FOS)

Front Office Services (FOS)

mPower supports decision making, trade origination and trade flow confirmation through a set of blotters, while also providing for personalization of these blotters. Pre-trade Compliance Management is weaved throughout the trade flow at appropriate trade points.


Back Office Services (BOS)

Back Office Services (BOS)

mPower receives trades from various origination points and houses them in a handover blotter. Based on deployment settings, accounting is accomplished automatically or upon user choice. The product performs any 'allowed' trade adjustments and also fulfills any period end audit observations.

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Made Super Easy with mPower

Compliance Management

Covering both pre and post trade Compliance Management comprehensively, mPower helps to maintain Compliance Management regulatory requirements as per the changing criteria. Passive breaches alerts notify breaches detected due to external events (change in rating, market cap, equity cap and other events). The Compliance Management dashboard dual view enables a drill down view, by rules or trades breached.

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mPower's multi-layer security stack is preferred by businesses across the globe. Our prominent partners trust KFintech's capabilities to deliver excellent service and client value.